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 Welcome to our main hobby pages! This site is about games of skill and imagination, not games of chance. In particular Role Playing Games (RPGs), Live Role Plays (LRPs), boardgames and traditional tabletop wargames.
 This is our long-running campaign which has been running for some 14 years now. We have developed our own rule sets; a Role-Playing System and the 1/300th Wargames Rules, which are used in these games. These rules are copyright but can be freely copied and distributed for personal use only.
 The campaign is based around the fantasy-medieval city of Linrodeth, the ex-capital of a kingdom now at civil war. Newcomers to the campaign might like to start their exploration with an introduction to the city. The latest set of scenarios is about the Toshers of North Shore.
 The background to the Navy campaign is still available.
 This seems a good place to include links
to their web pages:
Karen & Lewis Jardine
David Vines
Rhodri James
Bob Dowling
Other Games:
 These are unmaintained pages developed for one-off games, and are very likely to suffer from link rot:

Luna Romana

Conjuration 2003

Life in Shakespeare's age

Arabian Nights

Useful GM Resources:

Medieval Naming Guides
Dictionary of names

Flat Earth Fantasy Fonts highly recommended.
Coron's Source of Fonts
More fonts
Mapmaker Plus
Campaign Cartographer
Real maps sold online

The Gameskeeper Shop in Oxford
Oxford University RPG Society
FAQ for UK.Games.Roleplay
UK RPG Conventions
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RPGnet (from the USA)

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