To:Marcus Pollius Petrus
Centurion, Century I, Cohort II,
Legio V Aerial,
Via Astra.
From:Gaius Flavius Musicus,
Legate, Legion V Aerial,
Date:II Aprilis, MIM AUC.



 I have discussed the matter of Han sabotage with Rome and we have reached the conclusion that this matter cannot be taken lightly. I am, therefore, taking direct charge of the subsequent investigation.

 Please have the three prisoners delivered to the camp prison in Stellarportis and have the three principal investigators report to my office at the same time. I will take care of matters from there.

 The eyes of the whole world, and not just the Empire, are on us in the run up to the lunar landing mission. Rome feels, and I concur, that it would be well to suppress any open discussion of sabotage as morale is important and we cannot afford to have people distracted from their duties. Please keep me informed as to the measures you will be taking to improve security and to suppress any gossip.

Gaius Flavius Musicus

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