The Space Race

China launches an orbiting satellite radioing down the glorious news of their new Son of Heaven.

Roman Emperor declares that Rome must have the Vox Romana, a manned radio retransmitting site in GEO over Rome.

Rome takes the steady approach, using twin stage space planes. Congo tade port on the equator suddenly becomes "Astroportis" and work begins of building a huge runway int othe jungle for lift off. This alerts the Chinese espionage unit in the Congo port.

Rome proceeds through the suborbital, manned suborbital, orbital, manned orbital sequence. The University of Athens submarine department is co-opted into the space program, as they have a (small) submarine and diving tunic technology.

Rome launches a LEO space station, Via Astra, as its first fort on the road to the GEO. Work begins in earnest on recycling and scrubbing technology.

China begins its ICBM programme.

Rome starts on OTVs. A continual stream of them ferries parts to the GEO location. Some Roman mariners get experience of long times in cramped vehicles.

Vox Romana established and on air. Under strictly Legion control.

China launches a radio transmitting, unmanned capsule to the moon. Radio bradcasts from the moon, in Chinese and Latin, declare the moon to be Chinese.

Rome: Julius Flavius Caesar's famous speech to the Senate: "We will build a fort on the moon."

China begins suborbital and orbital manned preparation.

Rome builds long duration OTVs at Via Astra. Lunar orital missions follow.

Unmanned and then manned lunar landings. Pre-fabrication parts landed. Construction century landed. Rapid build. Resupply missions ongoing.

China commences unmanned and then manned lunar orbitals. One is announced to have ended in disaster near the moon. Paranoia says that China has secretly landed.

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